Silver Index

This is the index listing notebooks in Silver by original RN order

wn IDwn silver_romanwn namewn datewn archive
RN1 I Turgenev 1933 NYPL
RN2 II Addison 1919 NYPL
RN3 III Defoe 1919 NYPL
RN4 IV Robinson Crusoe 1926 NYPL
RN5 V Swift 1925 NYPL
RN6 VI Gibbon 1936-37 NYPL
RN7 VII Three Guineas 1937-38 NYPL
RN8 VIII Donne's Poetry 1931-32 NYPL
RN9 IX Cowper; Brummel; Wollstonecraft 1929 NYPL
RN10 X Three Guineas ; 'The Captain's Death Bed' 1931-32 NYPL
RN11 XI The Elizabethans 1931-32 NYPL
RN12 XII Elizabethans & Professions for Women 1929-31 NYPL
RN13 XIII Several topics; 'Phases of Fiction' 1928-30 NYPL
RN14 XIV Several topics; 'Phases of Fiction' 1927-29 NYPL
RN15 XV Woodforde, De Quincey 1926-27 NYPL
RN16 XVI Several topics; inc Thrale, Sevigne, Sydney Smith 1940-41 NYPL
RN17 XVII Sir Thomas Browne's Letters 1936 NYPL
RN18 XVIII Several topics, inc Stendhal, Congreve, Forster 1924-26 NYPL
RN19 XIX The Common Reader (1925) 1922-24 NYPL
RN20 XX The Common Reader: Second Series (1932) 1929-32 NYPL
RN21 XXI Several topics, inc Freud 1939-40 NYPL
RN22 XXII Hazlitt, Christina Rosetti 1930-32 NYPL
RN23 XXIII Several topics, inc Montaigne; Herrick; Goldsmith 1932-34 NYPL
RN24 XXIV Several topics, inc Coleridge, White, Scott 1939-40 NYPL
RN25 XXV Several topics, inc Conrad, Marlowe, Aeschylus 1922-24, 1926-27 NYPL
RN26 XXVI Three Guineas; Roger Fry 1921-22, 1924, 1927-31, 1934-40 NYPL
RN27 XXVII Freeman's History 1905 NYPL
RN28 XXVIII Choephori' of Aeschylus 1918-23 NYPL
RN29 XXIX Several topics, inc Swinburne, Shakespeare, Sterne 1908-11 NYPL
RN30 XXX 1915 Diary/Reading Notes 1915-18 NYPL
RN31 XXXI Modern Novels (Joyce) 1919 NYPL
RN32 XXXII Flush. Browning Letters. 1931-32 NYPL
RN33 XXXIII Three Guineas 1935-38 NYPL
RN34 XXXIV Greek and Latin Studies 1907-09 SUSSEX
RN35 XXXV Reading for reviewing 1905-06 SUSSEX
RN36 XXXVI Thoughts on Peace in an Air Raid' 1939-41 SUSSEX
RN37 XXXVII Reading at Random 1937-41 SUSSEX
RN38 XXXVIII Reading and Writing 1918-22 SUSSEX
RN39 XXXIX Vision and Design; women and war; 'Thoughts on peace' 1935-39 SUSSEX
RN40 XL Congreve Comedies 1937 SUSSEX
RN41 XLI George Eliot 1919 SUSSEX
RN42 XLII Thomas Hardy 1919-21 SUSSEX
RN43 XLIII Henry James Letters 1920 SUSSEX
RN44 XLIV H Melville, H Walpole 1919 SUSSEX
RN45 XLV Four voices, Faery Queen 1934-35 SUSSEX
RN46 XLVI Several topics; 'Phases of Fiction' 1927-29 SUSSEX
RN47 XLVII Common Reader; other notes 1923-25, 1929 SUSSEX
RN48 XLVIII Second Common Reader 1931-33 SUSSEX
RN49 XLIX Several topics, inc The Common Reader, Reading 1921-22 SUSSEX
RN50 L Life of John Mytton 1926 SUSSEX
RN51 LI Purgatorio 1935 SUSSEX
RN52 LII Dorothy Osborne 1928 SUSSEX
RN53 LIII Goldsmith 1933 SUSSEX
RN54 LIV La Rochefoucauld 1938-39 SUSSEX
RN55 LV Three Guineas 1935-37 SUSSEX
RN56 LVI The burning of the vote 1935-37 SUSSEX
RN57 LVII Three Guineas/Roger Fry 1937 SUSSEX
RN58 LVIII The first Three Guineas scrapbook 1931-33 SUSSEX
RN59 LIX The second Three Guineas scrapbook 1933-37 SUSSEX
RN60 LX The third Three Guineas scrapbook 1933-37 SUSSEX
RN61 LXI Roger Fry (1) 1935-40 SUSSEX
RN62 LXII Roger Fry (2) 1935-40 SUSSEX
RN63 LXIII Roger Fry (3) 1935-40 SUSSEX
RN64 LXIV Roger Fry (4) 1935-40 SUSSEX
RN65 LXV Roger Fry (5) 1935-40 SUSSEX
RN66 LXVI Roger Fry (6) Extracts from Letters to Helen Anrep 1935-40 SUSSEX
RN67 LXVII Goldsmith (Yale) 1933 YALE
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